The 30 Sexiest Hockey WAGs
Target-Betting  -  Some girls go for the sensitive types. You know, the ones that like poetry and long walks on the beach. Then there are the hockey WAGs. They like a different bread of man.
Hockey WAGs like their men tough and toothless. Whether it be from getting into a fight on the ice or taking a puck to the face, these bruised and battered athletes have made it known that they are the toughest guys around.
Here are the 30 women who have dated, married and, in many cases, later divorced them. Enjoy.

Tara Reid
30. Tara Reid
She dated Sergei Fedorov for a bit before snapping back into reality. Reid has since turned into a train wreck after once assuming the role as the girl next door in American pop culture.
Federov has an impressive dating record, but he hasn’t seemed to find that right girl to settle down with. I even laughed at that one.

Kim Alexis
29. Kim Alexis
She is the husband of 22-year hockey veteran-turned-broadcaster Ron Duguay. Alexis is a model/actress and yada, yada, yada.
The hockey WAG was much more of a model than an actress, but somehow the two go hand in hand, no matter how much talent they actually have.

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